Cost-Related Criteria

The Existence of Other Sources of Funding
Priority will be given to proposals where Cal South Soccer Foundation funding comprises only part of the total funding for the program. The remainder of the funding may come from the local group/community in question, or from other organizations, including foundations and corporations. Consideration will be given to programs that combine public and private sector funding, taking advantage of the benefits of each. This criterion is most applicable to established groups. It may be modified in the case of new groups in the most resource-deprived areas.

All Foundation grants will be for a finite period of time. Priority will be given to those requests that show signs of planning for subsequent financing when our grant concludes.

Cost in Relation to Impact
The Foundation will look closely at the overall costs of the program in relationship to the various other criteria, especially impact. Programs with high-dollar cost in relation to impact must be especially meritorious on other criteria if they are to be justified.

Grants for Field Development
Field Development requests will be considered only when:

a) A special need can be established;
b) A part of the funding will be met by matching grants or other devices that will supplement the Foundation's contribution;
c) The field development is within time priority of the Foundation


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