Administration of Grants Program

Grants are one of our principal ways of achieving the goals set forth by the Cal South Foundation. Through grant-making as well as our other programs, we intend to move forward in furthering the game of soccer in Southern California.

To help ensure that grant funds serve these purposes, the staff of the Cal South Foundation intends to be an active participant in all phases of the grants process. We hope to get to know the prospective grantee organizations, to provide help in the formulation of grant applications and where possible to help in the solicitation of matching funds.

For the requests that are approved for funding by the Foundation's board, we expect to stay informed about the program's progress through reports, to monitor program expenses and to be available to help if problems arise.

*Note - We are no longer reviewing applications for Field Development Grants in the March 2013 cycle. The next grant cycle will open on October 1, 2013.



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