Program-Related Criteria

To be considered for funding from the Cal South Soccer Foundation, the program for which funding is being sought must be a structured youth soccer program that combines the essential elements of teaching, learning and competition. This means that the program must have knowledgeable administrators that can encourage and promote soccer in their community.

The Foundation will consider requests from soccer programs that currently exist and can demonstrate sustainability.

The Foundation will look at readiness to execute programs, following funding.

Quality of Staff
Grant proposals should describe in detail the nature and background of staff who will operate the programs. We will prioritize programs run by experienced, trained personnel. The Foundation is also prepared to support programs that utilize, under appropriate supervision, older youth as role models for younger children.

Our aim is to provide programming in needed areas, rather than to substitute for existing alternatives. Priority will be given to projects where the probability of duplication is low.

In addition to these major criteria for program support, there are others that, though perhaps of lesser importance, will be given special attention wherever appropriate. These include:

Will we be able to objectively assess the impact of the program?

Overall Program Quality
The Foundation will give particular attention to programs that may have an especially meaningful impact upon their participants. By this we mean that participation in the program significantly enhances their health, physical abilities, sense of pride in self, cooperativeness and sense of respect for others.

Funding Partners
The Foundation will give strong consideration to programs who have multiple funding partners.


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