Cal South Soccer Foundation to Focus on Futsal for 2014

November 15, 2013

Cal South Soccer Foundation to Focus on Futsal for 2014

The Cal South Soccer Foundation has added the increasingly popular sport of small-sided soccer known as futsal as a new element of support within its current grant structure.

With the addition of futsal instruction to the U.S. Soccer Federation’s development training model for youth players, the excitement and demand for the game has increased in recent months. In recognition of this growing trend, the Cal South Soccer Foundation has partnered with like-minded organizations, such as SCMAF (Southern California Municipal Athletic Federation), Cal South and Sport Court of Southern California to help build futsal courts within local municipal sites.

“Thinking outside the box when you look to develop additional sport playing surfaces is essential in Southern California, where empty green space is extremely hard to come by,” said Foundation president, David De Leon.

The Foundation has created a model where a city or organization can take an unused hardscape -- for instance, an old tennis court -- and then renovate the space at a low cost to create a futsal court. These courts in turn allow space for the creation of futsal leagues, tournaments and clinics within these cities. The Foundation works with a grantee organization called Toque, LLC to come into cities and either run the leagues, camps and clinics or train city staff to run them.

“The futsal movement is an exciting one for our Foundation as it creates a new type of Cal South member, gets more kids playing, and helps to beautify hardscapes that, in most cases, had sat idle for several years,” added Foundation Director of Operations, Shirley Ramirez. “We already have three build projects in the works and several in the development phases as well.”

The Cal South Soccer Foundation will provide grants in the future for futsal build projects throughout Southern California. If you believe that your space can be converted into the Foundation's next futsal court project, please email them at If you would like to partner financially or professionally with the Foundation on its futsal initiative, please contact Shirley Ramirez at

About the Cal South Soccer Foundation:
The Cal South Soccer Foundation was established in 1999 with a passion for growing the game of soccer within Southern California one program, player and field at a time. The Foundation is a resource in the community to provide advice, financial and logistical support, and serve as a collaborative resource in creating outreach soccer programs and the development of soccer facilities in areas where such a need exists. The Foundation has challenged itself to create partnerships to raise and grant funds to assist in all of these areas. Through grant-making, we strive to be an organization that is able to see the recipients of such grants develop and maintain sustainable programs, improve their existing operations and potentially develop soccer facilities that help reach communities in a positive way. Learn more about the Cal South Soccer Foundation at



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