Who We Are

What is the Cal South Soccer Foundation?

The Cal South Soccer Foundation was established in 1999 with a passion for growing the game of soccer within Southern California one program, player and field at a time. The Foundation is a resource in the community to provide advice, financial and logistical support, and serve as a collaborative resource in creating outreach soccer programs and the development of soccer facilities in areas where such a need exists. The Foundation has challenged itself to create partnerships to raise and grant funds to assist in all of these areas.

Through grant-making, we strive to be an organization that is able to see the recipients of such grants develop and maintain sustainable programs, improve their existing operations and potentially develop soccer facilities that help reach communities in a positive way.

What Type of Grants Are Offered?

Grant Applications will be accepted for potential grants in the following areas:

• Small Equipment Grant - Up to $2,500
• Medium Matching Grant - Up to $10,000
Applicants should include the name of the organization with whom they are partnering to provide the potential matching grant.
• Field Development Grant
Field Development applications will be reviewed, but may not be funded during the current grant cycle.

When Is the Grant Application Process Open?

We are currently considering grants on an "as needed" basis. For more information, please contact grants@calsouth.com or 888.429.7276 ext. 1575.

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